KOD Staff are using ASP.NET of Microsoft Company for creating websites because it is very robust, quick and more secure than others. 

All of websites are designed to be responsive for all smart device screens including mobile, tablet, computer and large screens.

  Since 2010, KOD has designed too many websites like: -

   1.Academic websites: Universities and Institutes

   2.Personal Websites

   3.Online Marketing Websites

   4.Website and Database System together for Shops and Stores

   5.Leraning hub websites

   6.Website and Database System together for Clinics

   7.Public and Private Organization Websites


KOD is ready for Website Design and Development

If you would like to have a very quick and secure website without any hesitate you can contact us: -


KOD for Information Technology

+964 (0770) 191 5519 


24 Hour/Day

across Kurdistan and IRAQ



Database System for Fluffy Store

Unigate Online System for Educational Orgs

New Web App for Toward New Life Organization


KOD For Technologies
+964 (0770) 191 5519
24 Hour/Day
across Kurdistan and IRAQ

About KOD

KOD For Technologies

Delivering the following services:-

  1-E-System for Private and Public Orgs.

  2-Creating and Developing Websites

  3-Creating Online Marketing Websites

  4-Technical Support

  5-Delivering IT Courses

  6-Hardware and Software Services

  7-Solving System and Program Bugs

  8-Selling and Managing Hosting and Domains

  9-Graphic and Design Services


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