KOD Staff is ready to establish E-Systems for anyone or anywhere that would like to have E-Systems with best technologies.
Our systems are responsive, platform independents and can be used in different devices simultaneously.
We have established E-Systems for different places.
KOD is ready to design whatever E-Systems you want, feel free to reach us if you want quick, secure and more reliable E-Systems. 
KOD for Information Technology
+964 (0770) 191 5519
24 Hour/Day
across Kurdistan and IRAQ


Database System for Fluffy Store

Unigate Online System for Educational Orgs

New Web App for Toward New Life Organization


KOD For Technologies
+964 (0770) 191 5519
24 Hour/Day
across Kurdistan and IRAQ

About KOD

KOD For Technologies

Delivering the following services:-

  1-E-System for Private and Public Orgs.

  2-Creating and Developing Websites

  3-Creating Online Marketing Websites

  4-Technical Support

  5-Delivering IT Courses

  6-Hardware and Software Services

  7-Solving System and Program Bugs

  8-Selling and Managing Hosting and Domains

  9-Graphic and Design Services


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